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Avoid The Problems: Why Choose Mobile Drug Testing For Your Employees

If you use drug testing for your employees, you need to use the best method. If you're using an off-site testing lab, it's time for a change. Sending your employees to an off-site testing center can cause problems, including lost productivity. That's where mobile drug testing comes into the picture. Mobile drug testing services come right to your location. If you've never used a mobile drug testing service, read the list provided below. Here are four reasons to choose mobile drug testing for your employees.  

Less Wait for Testing

If you're sending your employees to an off-site drug lab for testing, you need to worry about the downtime. Your employees can't work while they're out for their drug testing. Unfortunately, testing centers can get quite busy. In fact, your employees could end up waiting several hours for their testing. That's because most testing centers will take other priority patients first. That's why mobile drug testing is so important. With mobile drug testing, there's less time spent waiting for testing. With mobile drug testing, your employees are the priority. That means there's less downtime to deal with. 

Fewer Missed Tests

If you're dealing with missed drug tests, now's the time to arrange for mobile testing. One of the problems with off-site testing is that you have to wait for your employees to go for their testing. This can result in missed or delayed drug testing. When you choose mobile drug testing, you don't need to worry about that. The mobile testing unit will come right to your location. That means you can get your employees tested while they're at work. 

Convenient Times

If you operate during normal business hours, it's not easy to get drug testing for your employees. That's because most testing centers are only open on weekdays. That can cause problems for your employees. Mobile drug testing is different. Mobile drug testing services provide 24/7 testing. This allows you to schedule testing for times that are convenient for your employees. 

Reduced Liability

If you're waiting on drug test results, you're at an increased risk for liability. This is especially true if any of your employees are using drugs. One of the benefits of mobile drug testing is that you can get results faster. Mobile drug testing also allows you to plan random drug testing for your employees. Since there are no appointments to set up, your employees won't know when you've scheduled a drug test.