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Finding A Doctor You Love

As soon as I was diagnosed with an ongoing medical condition, I realized that it might be smart to look around for a better doctor. In addition to finding someone that accepted my medical insurance, I also wanted to find someone that understood my personal situation. I started looking around for a medical practice that handled cases like mine, and I found a place that had a doctor that I really connected with. He was understanding, kind, and incredibly intelligent. After working with him for a few months, I started to feel a lot better. My blog is all about finding a doctor that you love.



When To Seek Medical Attention For Your Child’s Sunburn

While a bit too much sun is not uncommon during warm weather, a severe sunburn can have serious medical repercussions. Always wear skin protection and take breaks in the shade on hot days and know the signs of a serious issue. Severe sunburns can have debilitating medical repercussions. When should you seek medical attention for your child's sunburn? Your child has a fever. A slight fever may not be alarming but keep an eye on it. Read More 

Easily Excitable Sports Coaches Should Visit A Preventative Cardiologist As Soon As Possible

Sports are an exciting event that often leaves the coach's throat raw and their athletes thrilled. However, a coach that is overly excited may end up suffering from a surprise heart attack on the sidelines. Thankfully, a preventative cardiologist can help with this danger. Yes, A Screaming Coach Is At Risk Everyone has likely been at a sports game and watched a coach screaming at their players and at the officials. Read More 

3 Things to Do if You Have a Family Member With Cancer

Finding out that someone who is close to you has cancer can be heartbreaking. It can leave you dealing with a mix of emotions, and you could be wondering how you are supposed to cope with things. Even though this can definitely be a difficult time, following these tips can help. 1. Do Your Research First of all, now is a good time for you to do as much research as possible. Read More 

Three Ways Drug Testing Can Help Your Business

If you are responsible for managing a business, it is important to keep your workplace as safe as possible. In particular, drug use can be a rampant problem for many areas of the country and professions. This can make it necessary for a business to initiate a drug testing program. While this can represent a sizable cost and inconvenience, it can provide you with three particularly important benefits. Reduce The Risk Of Accidents Read More 

Making Your Chemo Infusions More Comfortable

Discovering that you have cancer can be frightening, but many types of cancers can be treated effectively through infusion therapy. Infusion therapy allows medical professionals to administer a cocktail of medications directly into your bloodstream via an intravenous connection. These infusions can create some discomfort, but there are some simple things that you can do to alleviate discomfort. Here are three tips to keep in mind when trying to make your chemo infusions more comfortable in the future. Read More