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Finding A Doctor You Love

As soon as I was diagnosed with an ongoing medical condition, I realized that it might be smart to look around for a better doctor. In addition to finding someone that accepted my medical insurance, I also wanted to find someone that understood my personal situation. I started looking around for a medical practice that handled cases like mine, and I found a place that had a doctor that I really connected with. He was understanding, kind, and incredibly intelligent. After working with him for a few months, I started to feel a lot better. My blog is all about finding a doctor that you love.



Easily Excitable Sports Coaches Should Visit A Preventative Cardiologist As Soon As Possible

Sports are an exciting event that often leaves the coach's throat raw and their athletes thrilled. However, a coach that is overly excited may end up suffering from a surprise heart attack on the sidelines. Thankfully, a preventative cardiologist can help with this danger. Yes, A Screaming Coach Is At Risk Everyone has likely been at a sports game and watched a coach screaming at their players and at the officials. Read More 

3 Things to Do if You Have a Family Member With Cancer

Finding out that someone who is close to you has cancer can be heartbreaking. It can leave you dealing with a mix of emotions, and you could be wondering how you are supposed to cope with things. Even though this can definitely be a difficult time, following these tips can help. 1. Do Your Research First of all, now is a good time for you to do as much research as possible. Read More