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The Pros And Cons Of At-Home Physical Therapy

If you have been involved in an accident and were injured, physical therapy may be part of your treatment plan. Physical therapy helps to teach you how to re-use and strengthen the weakened muscles, getting them either back to where they were or as strong as they can possibly get. Physical therapy can be done on any part of the body including your back, shoulder or legs. While physical therapy is traditionally done in a hospital or clinical setting, it can also be done in your own home. Learning the pros and cons of at-home physical therapy will help you determine if it is a good option for you.

Cons of At-Home Physical Therapy

Limited Equipment

One of the biggest drawbacks to having physical therapy done in your home is that you may be limited in the equipment that can be used compared to having physical therapy done in a traditional setting. When done in a traditional setting, therapists often have a large space set up with different types of equipment that can be used to strengthen your muscles. Some of this equipment is large and stationary, and is not something the therapist can bring to you.

Higher Costs

The second major downside to at-home physical therapy is that there is often a higher cost associated with at-home physical therapy. When a physical therapist comes to your home, they have to drive to your home. The expense and time associated with coming to you is often included in their costs, which causes it to be higher. Additionally, not all insurance companies will cover in-home physical therapy. Always ask your insurance company if this is covered, and if so, how much your out-of-pocket expenses are for in-home versus traditional physical therapy. If money is tight, at-home physical therapy may not be ideal for you.

Pros of At-Home Physical Therapy

You Don't Have to Travel Anywhere

The biggest benefit to having at-home physical therapy is that you don't have to travel anywhere. It isn't always easy to get from one location to another, especially following an accident that has left you injured. You may be unable to drive yourself and may not have friends or family that can drive you to physical therapy multiple times per week.

The Therapist Sees You in Your Environment

Another advantage to at-home physical therapy is that the therapist gets to see you in your own environment. You may have your own unique challenges that your injury brings to your everyday life based on the environment you live in. You may have problems climbing stairs or your may have trouble getting out of your high bed. Unfortunately, unless a physical therapists sees exactly what your living conditions are and the environment you live in, they may not know the challenges that your daily life presents you with. Seeing you in your own environment gives them this insight so they can work with you on the challenges specific to your living situation.

You Have Privacy

The last benefit to at-home physical therapy is that you have privacy. Some people are self-conscious about activities they struggle with. You may not want other patients to see you struggling to bend over or struggling to walk. However, when you are in a traditional physical therapy center, other patients may see you. When you are at home, you know it is just you and your therapist, ensuring your privacy.

If your doctor recommends you undergo physical therapy to help you heal from injuries you sustained, you have a decision to make. You can either elect to do physical therapy at home or at a therapist's office. There are pros and cons to both methods. Learning about these pros and cons will help you decide which makes the most sense for you. For more information, contact a local physical therapy clinic like DeSoto Memorial Hospital