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Tips For Bunion Pain Relief

Bunions can be painful enough to put someone in a position where they can barely walk. The cause of a bunion is from a joint becoming misaligned, which usually leads to the bone sticking out further than it should. If you have been in severe pain because of a bunion is on your big toe, there are a few ways that you can go about getting relief. You might end up need to make an appointment with a specialist to get rid of the bunion. This article provides helpful suggestions that can be considered for fighting bunion pain.

Start Wearing Wide Width Shoes

The type of shoes that you wear can have a big impact on how much pain a bunion causes. You should never wear shoes that are too small for your feet. Wearing small shoes may have been why the bunion developed in the first place. It is a good idea to invest in a pair of wide width shoes to see if the pain goes away. You want to have enough room in your shoe to prevent the bunion from rubbing against it and becoming inflamed.

Try Taking Anti-Inflammatory Pain Medicine

There are drugs that you can take to relieve the pain that your bunion is causing. You should opt for a drug that is able to reduce inflammation in the misaligned joint. Over-the counter drugs might be good enough to give you relief, but a prescription can be written if you don't have any luck with over-the-counter drugs. Make an appointment with a podiatrist so he or she can write the prescription, or visit the emergency room at a hospital if you need the drugs fast.

Place Padded Inserts in Your Shoes

You can visit a drugstore to find padded inserts that can be placed inside of your shoes. The inserts can provide pain relief by make sure your feet are positioned correctly in the shoes. There are also orthotics that can be prescribe by a podiatrist that will give your feet more comfort than what you might find in general stores.

Speak to a Podiatrist About Bunion Removal

In the worst case scenario, you will not be able to get rid of the union pain without help from a podiatrist. He or she might have to remove the bunion by surgically removing a portion of the joint. Surgery might also involve the removal of joint tissue if any of it is severely inflamed. Your toe might be placed in a splint to help the joint heal faster after surgery.

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