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How To Treat Heatstroke In Children With Cryotherapy

Most children enjoy playing sports and being outside during the summer months. However, you must keep your children safe because it can get hot outside. Kids are more susceptible to heatstrokes than adults because they have fewer sweat glands. This makes it hard for children to adapt to temperature changes.

A person having a heatstroke temperature can reach 105 F or higher. This condition requires immediate medical attention and can be fatal. Read on to find out how to treat heatstroke in children with cryotherapy.

What Are Not Normal Symptoms?

It is normal for your child to have a reaction to the heat. However, it is important to know when your child needs medical attention. An abnormal reaction occurs when your child has beet red skin, dizziness, fainting, nausea, clamminess, extreme fatigue, headaches, and lack of sweating. If you are waiting to transport your child to the hospital, then you want to move him or her to the shade.

How Is The Treatment Used For Heatstroke?

When a child has heatstroke, cooling must start immediately and must continue after resuscitation. Cryotherapy is used to cool down a heatstroke patient. This procedure comes in many forms. Evaporative cooling is a form of cryotherapy that is used to treat heatstroke. It is a procedure that cools the body using the evaporation of water. Ice packs are applied to the groin, neck, and armpits. Your child also may be given fluids intravenously along with the treatment.

Another evaporative cooling method involves spraying water over your body. Evaporation and convection is initiated with the use of fans. The point is to get your body back to a normal temperature as soon as possible. The method of evaporative cooling used will depend on the age of your child.

Protect Your Child From Extreme Heat

The weather tends to get the hottest during the summer months. Families are very active during these months. They are spending time playing sports, going to theme parks, and swimming at the beach. It helps to watch the news to check the temperature for the day. If your child must be outside, then you should have plenty of water and sunscreen, and spend limited time outside.

Heat exhaustion seems like a minor condition, but it can get serious fast. If you child is not acting normal after being in the heat, then you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.