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Three Ways Drug Testing Can Help Your Business

If you are responsible for managing a business, it is important to keep your workplace as safe as possible. In particular, drug use can be a rampant problem for many areas of the country and professions. This can make it necessary for a business to initiate a drug testing program. While this can represent a sizable cost and inconvenience, it can provide you with three particularly important benefits.

Reduce The Risk Of Accidents

It is a reality that an intoxicated employee will be at a much higher risk of experiencing an accident. In addition to being responsible for the injuries the employee suffered, you may also find yourself liable for property damages or medical costs that other parties suffered as a result of the employee's actions. By instituting a drug testing program, you can help weed out potential hires that may struggle with drug abuse problems.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Due to the higher risks that intoxicated employees can pose, there are many insurance companies that will charge higher insurance premiums for businesses that fail to ensure they are drug-free workplaces. The savings that you can enjoy from instituting this type of policy will vary due to a number of factors, such as the types of drug tests that are administered and the frequency of drug testing. Speaking with your insurance company can help you to choose a drug testing approach that will provide you with the greatest savings on your commercial insurance policy.

Help Prevent Employee Crime

It is a reality that individuals that suffer from substance abuse may be more likely to engage in criminal behavior. Often, this will be in the form of petty theft, but it can quickly escalate to more serious crimes. In addition to individuals stealing to raise money for their habit, there are individuals that may also attempt to sell drugs from your place of business. While drug testing will not completely eliminate the risk of hiring individuals that are prone to crime, it can help to eliminate individuals that have a higher risk of committing these actions.

Instituting a drug testing program may dramatically alter the way that your company hires and manages employees, and this can be a cause for some individuals to resist implementing these programs. After reviewing the facts that these programs can help to reduce your liability, lower insurance premiums and prevent employee crime, you should find that the temporary disruptions implementing this change will create are worth suffering.

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