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Easily Excitable Sports Coaches Should Visit A Preventative Cardiologist As Soon As Possible

Sports are an exciting event that often leaves the coach's throat raw and their athletes thrilled. However, a coach that is overly excited may end up suffering from a surprise heart attack on the sidelines. Thankfully, a preventative cardiologist can help with this danger.

Yes, A Screaming Coach Is At Risk

Everyone has likely been at a sports game and watched a coach screaming at their players and at the officials. Unfortunately, these coaches are putting themselves at a serious risk of death. That's because this kind of excitement quickly elevates the heart rate of the coach and can even increase their blood pressure.

Even worse, the adrenaline-burst that comes with their excitement may also increase their risk. This risk is potent for coaches because of their unique lifestyle and the demands of their particular career path. The problem is particularly true of coaches who started their job a little later in life, and after their initial success as an athlete.

The Coaching Lifestyle Can Complicate Issues

While coaches are often older ex-athletes who have had some experience with the sport, they may be starting up late in their life. For example, some coaches start working with a high school team once their children start playing. At this point, they may be over 45 and nearing 55. Some of them may also smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol to deal with the pressure of competition.

Even worse, some may suffer from obesity due to sitting on buses for hours every year and eating junk food with their team. All of these heart attack risk factors make a screaming coach a ticking time bomb that could go off as a cardiac attack. Thankfully, a preventative cardiologist can help manage this danger and keep a coach healthy.

A Preventative Cardiologist Visit Can Help

Preventative cardiologists are heart specialists who can assess a coach's risk of heart attack and take steps to ensure it doesn't happen. For example, they can spot the early risk factors and warning signs to see if a coach is already on the path to a heart attack. A coach who suffers from blurry vision after screaming may be just a few steps away from a heart attack.

A skilled preventative cardiologist can prescribe medication and lifestyle changes that help the coach avoid this problem. For example, they may have the coach pack a healthy dinner for their away games, or have them perform relaxation exercises to avoid getting too excited during a game.

Don't hesitate to visit these professionals right away to learn more. They can help prevent a heart attack that would not only ruin a game, but which could potentially take the coach out of the game of life forever.

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