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Steps To Take After A Black Widow Bite

Spiders are common pests you and your family may find in and around your home from time to time. While most do not pose any danger, some spiders will bite if they feel threatened or attack in any way. Black widows are the most venomous spiders in North America, but proper understanding and medical intervention will ensure this bite does not become life-threatening.   If you or a family member have been bitten by a black widow, it is important to remain calm. However, use this guide to protect your health and wellness after a black widow bite.

Do Not Panic

First and foremost, remain calm and do not panic after you have been bitten.

Panicking will only increase your heart rate and blood circulation, allowing the spider's venom to move more rapidly through the bloodstream.

Clean Wound

Cleaning the wound is important for killing bacteria that could lead to an infection. Thankfully, cleaning using a few simple products will protect yourself from dangerous infections without a great deal of effort.

Use a clean cloth or piece of gauze to apply iodine or hydrogen peroxide directly to the bite.

Apply Ice

Ice will service a few different purposes.

An ice pack directly on the spider bite will numb any pain you may be experiencing. In addition, ice will decrease swelling and inflammation, decreasing the venom's flow through the bloodstream.

Hold the ice pack on the bite for a few minutes at a time. Also, lift the area of your body where the bite is located above your chest and head. Elevating the bite area will slow down the progression of venom, keeping it away from your heart.

Visit an ER

With the bite area clean and protected with a piece of gauze, head to your local emergency room or urgent care center. Emergency medical intervention is not always necessary after a bite from a black widow spider. However, certain individuals are more prone to serious medical complications.

If elderly, very young, or suffer from high blood pressure, head to the emergency room immediately.

In the event of a black widow bite, doctors will most likely treat you with an injection of anti-venom. This medication stops the spider's venom from spreading further through the bloodstream, reducing your discomfort and risk of infections and other medical complications.

A bite from a black widow spider can be frightening, but efficient and effective care is available. If you or a family member has been bitten, make sure to see an emergency room doctor right away.