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Finding A Doctor You Love

As soon as I was diagnosed with an ongoing medical condition, I realized that it might be smart to look around for a better doctor. In addition to finding someone that accepted my medical insurance, I also wanted to find someone that understood my personal situation. I started looking around for a medical practice that handled cases like mine, and I found a place that had a doctor that I really connected with. He was understanding, kind, and incredibly intelligent. After working with him for a few months, I started to feel a lot better. My blog is all about finding a doctor that you love.



Are You Having A Baby?

Are you having a baby in 2019? If so, you are more than likely having very mixed emotions. On the one hand, you are probably looking forward to holding your new baby and to taking care of him or her. On the other hand, you might not be excited about the delivery part of having a baby. Perhaps you have had a baby before, and it wasn't the rich experience you wanted it to be. Or, this might be your first experience at child birth. Whatever the case, here are some ideas that might help you.

Child Birth Classes - Have you ever attended child birth classes before? If so, you more than likely know how much they helped you to plan for the child birth experience. If your baby's father accompanied you, he also more than likely benefited from attending the classes, even if he was hesitant to do so at the very beginning. Perhaps your baby's father is not going to be able to be present this time. Perhaps he is in the military and he will be out of the country when your baby is born. Or, perhaps he isn't even in the picture anymore. If that's the case, consider asking a trusted friend or a family member—perhaps your mother, your grandmother, or a sister—to attend the classes with you. She will probably be very honored that you trusted her enough to ask her to be a part of this extremely important event in your life and in your baby's life.

​Arrange For A Doula - Do you even know what a doula is? A doula will more than likely become your best friend, at least temporarily. They will be there to encourage you, to assist you, and to praise you for the good job you are doing during the labor process and during delivery. A doula will even be there to assist the baby's father, if he is present. He doesn't need to feel threatened that you have chosen to arrange for doula services. Instead, the baby's father can look at the doula as a tremendous blessing for you and for him. In fact, consider taking the baby's father to the meetings with the doula even before the time of your baby's birth. Whether your baby's father is in the picture or not, arranging for a doula to be your helper might be the best decision you'll ever make when it comes to bringing babies into the world. Contact a health care center that offers doula program services to learn more.