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3 Tips For Caring For Your Child's Cold

As the name suggests, the common cold is quite common. As a matter of fact, these colds are the main reason why children and adults miss school or work. Because of the runny nose, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, and headache that are common symptoms, it is easy to see how the common cold can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, help is available if your child is dealing with a cold and its uncomfortable symptoms. Here are a few essential tips for caring for your child's cold.


The common cold is a virus. Unfortunately, antibiotics or other medications will not stop or kill the virus. Your child's immune system will be fighting the virus as best as it can. During this fight, the immune system will be using a great deal of energy, causing your child to feel tired. However, this fatigue is normal, so you should make sure that your child gets plenty of rest while they have a cold.

Allow your child to stay home from school and other activities to rest. They can spend the entire day in bed or lying on the couch near you, if preferred.

Be sure they are comfortable enough to rest. If they have a fever or any discomfort, give them ibuprofen or acetaminophen for relief that will help them sleep.


Staying hydrated is also imperative. Drinking plenty of water will help your child's immune system fight off the virus, but it will also help them rest and feel better while they have a cold.

Make sure they always have a cool glass of water to consume throughout the day and night. You can also ask your pediatrician to recommend another beverage, such as a juice or drink with electrolytes that may be more appealing to your child.

When awake, your child should be drinking constantly and using the bathroom. Consider checking their urine to determine if they are drinking enough fluids. If their urine is dark yellow, they are dehydrated and should be consuming more water. Healthy urine is clear or light yellow in color, which means your child is hydrated.


Knowing when your child is in distress is smart. However, knowing when your child is in severe distress is also important for keeping them healthy and safe while fighting off the common cold.

If your child is struggling to breathe, is coughing excessively, or has abdominal pain, seek out emergency medical care. Also, if your child's fever is too high or the fever is not improving even with treatment, they should be seen by a doctor immediately. 

Reach out to a pediatrician to learn more about helping your child with their cold.