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The Advantages Of Seeking Care From A Local Urgent Care Facility

When you or someone in your family experiences a minor to moderately serious injury or illness, you may need to seek treatment for it right away. However, you may find it challenging to get an appointment at your primary care doctor's office. You also may not want to wait for hours in the emergency room to be seen.

Instead, you might prefer to go to a local clinic where you can be seen quickly and professionally. Your solution could be to seek out services from a local urgent care facility.

Treatment for a Variety of Conditions

The medical staff at an urgent care facility can typically address a wide variety of health conditions. They have the resources to treat children for ear infections, strep throat, minor colds, and types of flu. They can also suture cuts, bandage wounds, and x-ray and place a cast or splint on fractures and sprains.

For adults, an urgent care clinic can treat conditions ranging from bronchitis to thrown-out backs. They can diagnose and treat a variety of conditions that may be too serious to be treated in your primary doctor's office. They also spare you from having to go to the emergency room to seek care for your health condition.

Shorter Wait Times

The wait time in an urgent care clinic may also be significantly less than what it is at the emergency room. Waiting at the emergency room to be seen can often take hours. You may have to sit in the waiting room for upwards of two to three hours before you are called back to a patient treatment room.

Further, you may have to wait several more hours for the ER doctor to diagnose your condition and offer you treatment. You might spend half of the day at the ER when you could have waited a shorter time to be seen and treated at an urgent care clinic. 

Insurance Acceptance

Finally, the urgent care in your area may be in-network with your insurer. You may prefer to make a claim against your health insurance policy rather than pay for the bill out-of-pocket. The clinic may accept your insurer and can remit billing to it for you.

An urgent care clinic can offer a number of important benefits to patients of all ages. The staff there can diagnose and treat a wide variety of health conditions. The wait time at the urgent care clinic may also be shorter than the wait time at the ER, and it may accept and bill your health insurance.

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