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Why Seek Help From A Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist?

Dizziness can be a troubling symptom of certain health conditions or a side effect of some medications. Discontinuing the use of medications that cause dizziness is not always a viable option. Fortunately, vestibular rehabilitation clinics can help patients overcome vertigo and reduce dizziness. The following are four reasons to seek help from a vestibular rehabilitation specialist:

1. Reduce feelings of dizziness.

Dizziness can be caused by many different physical imbalances. Inner ear problems are a frequent cause of dizziness and poor balance. Blurred vision and disorientation can also manifest in dizziness. Vestibular rehabilitation will begin with an ear exam to check for correctable problems within your inner ear. If no mechanical issues are found, you will likely be directed to proceed with physical therapy. Vestibular rehabilitation can help you stabilize your gaze and motions to reduce or eliminate the sensation of dizziness.

2. Decrease your risk of falling.

People who suffer from vertigo are at increased risk of falling. These falls can cause minor and major injuries. Vestibular rehabilitation will encourage you to develop your balance. Typically, you will begin your rehabilitation with seated exercises. You will be encouraged to focus your gaze on a single object while turning your head from side to side. As you master this skill, standing and walking may be added to your treatment program. Increased balance can help you stay stable when you sit, walk, and run.

3. Suffer from fewer headaches.

Chronic vertigo can cause headaches and migraines. While painkillers can alleviate headaches, chronic use of NSAIDs is hard on the stomach and kidneys. Vestibular rehabilitation can help stop headaches before they start. Correcting inner ear problems and reducing dizziness can reduce the likelihood of headaches. 

4. Ease neck pain.

People with persistent vertigo may experience chronic pain, especially in their necks. A vestibular rehabilitation program includes strengthening exercises that can further refine patients' stability. Many of these exercises focus on the neck and the muscles that support it. As patients work through the program, they may find that their neck pain decreases.

If you believe you can benefit from vestibular rehabilitation, you should talk to your doctor for a referral. They can give you a recommendation for a vertigo rehabilitation clinic where you can get the specialized help you need to restore your balance, strength, and stability. Many vestibular rehabilitation programs last for a number of weeks, but your physical therapist can help you decide on the right duration for your situation.